Water pollution is an ever-growing problem, making purification and filtration of rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, wells and groundwater a necessity. By doing this, potentially harmful substances including bacteria, algae, sand, and organic matter can be removed, allowing for clean, safe water.

Xuyang's magnetic water treatment system offers a wealth of advantages, including a large capacity, streamlined process flow, minimal land use, low investment and economical operation. Remarkably, it has a dramatic effect on river water purification and allows customers to choose the ultimate treatment process to achieve a national level A-grade result. Here's a closer look at the benefits:

  • Good effluent quality with an SS concentration below 10 mg/L, a COD removal rate of 60%, and a BOD removal rate of 60%. Advanced treatment processes can be combined to effectively treat these pollutants.
  • Ease of use and minimal upkeep: no backwashing required and nearly completely automated, guaranteeing dependable results every time.
  • Boasting an astounding 640 times greater magnetic force than the force of gravity, the magnetic disk delivers lightning-fast processing with a total time of just 3 minutes. The considerable capacity of the disk allows for parallel operation of multiple units-perfect for those in need of large-scale processing efficiency.
  • Compact size and reliable output: occupying only 1/8 the space of traditional flocculation and sedimentation, this process offers stable and dependable result.
  • The powerful magnet of the magnetic disk pulls the sludge, making it possible to retrieve a concentrated amount of sludge from the liquid surface with the help of the sludge discharging system. This results in a higher level of water purification.
Products we offer for blackwater purification: