Oilfield sewage is notoriously difficult to treat due to its high oil content and viscous physical state. What's more, the presence of silica and other materials further increase the wastewater's hardness. After production, the sewage can start to accumulate, resulting in an emulsified oil residue stabilizing within the wastewater, making separation an even more challenging task. The oil and gas industry imposes strict technical requirements for treating this wastewater.

Xuyang's magnetic water treating system is the ideal choice for purifying the quality of water inlet and outlet. With this revolutionary technique, solids and liquids are effortlessly separated. Notable advantages include:

  • Trouble-free and quick to use, this equipment does not require backwashing and features high levels of automation for assured stability and efficacy.
  • Minimal processing time , quick operations and great capacity.
  • Low operating costs: Utilizing micro-magnetic flocculation technology, minimal amounts of chemicals are required to maintain operation.
  • The system requires minimal space and delivers reliable results, with an area of just one eighth of the traditional flocculation sedimentation process.
Products we offer for the petroleum industry: