Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

Installation and function of magnetic separator: The magnetic separator is positioned above the magnetic powder storage reaction vessel, facilitating the separation of magnetic particles and sludge.

The magnetic separator is composed of a magnetic drum, a shell, a guide plate, a polyurethane scraper, a gear motor, and other related components.

Performance of Magnetic Separator

Position and purpose of magnetic separator installation: The magnetic separator is positioned above the magnetic powder loading reaction tank to effectively separate magnetic powders from sludge.

Structure and working principle: The magnetic separator consists of a magnetic drum, shell, guide plate, polyurethane scraper, and gear motor. It utilizes the magnetic force generated by the permanent magnetic system to attract and capture the magnetic seed powders in the feed onto the surface of the magnetic drum.

Technical Specifications
· Capacity: 10-40 m³/h
· Magnetic roller material: S304
· Magnetic flux in strong magnetic region: 3000-3500 GS
· Bracket material: S304
· Speed: 20-25 r/min (speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion)
· Motor protection grade: IP55
· Power of reducer: 1.5kW
· Material of scraper: pressing plate (S304) + scraper (polyurethane)
· Flushing water pipe: DN25
· Shell material: S304
· Protection class: IP55

High Shear Mixer

The magnetic coagulation sedimentation system begins by directing the excess sludge into the high shear machine, which effectively breaks apart the coagulated floc. The high shear machine features a specially designed flow channel and high-speed rotating machinery, generating a powerful shearing force. This force effectively separate the heavy medium powder in the floc, allowing the subsequent heavy medium separator to successfully reclaim the magnetic powder from the sludge. As a result, the recycling rate of the heavy medium powder is significantly enhanced. The purpose of the specialized flow channel is to create a shearing force and induce a state of high turbulence. This state facilitates the decomposition of the magnetic powder within the floc, enabling easy recovery by the subsequent magnetic separator. Consequently, the recovery rate of the magnetic powder is improved.

Performance Parameters
· Capacity: 10 m³/h
· Motor power: 1.5 kW
· Motor brand: ABB Motor
· Protection class: IP55
· Motor frame: SUS304
· High shear cylinder: SUS304