Leachate from landfills is recognizable by its putrid odor and its dark brown or black hue. It is an amalgamation of pollutants, organic matter, inorganic salts, metal ions, and bio-toxins. In addition, humic substances and humic acids composed of large molecules, offering a challenge to the degradation process conducted by microorganisms. The treatment of leachate has proved difficult, and is correspondingly costly.

Magnetic particles are used in the magnetic disc separation technique to effectively combine insoluble substances such as bacteria in a water source with particulate magnetic powder (SG 5.2) to form magnetic flocs with a larger volume and heaviness, allowing for higher flocculation efficiency and the capture of particles with a more minute size. This process results in a quickly-settleable floc with impeccable water purification results which render the effluent clear and translucent. The sludge that is separated flows back to the magnetic powder separation system so as to make use of the magnetic powder again, and the separated sludge enters a sludge tank for a dewatering process.

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