Cooling water treatment:
Xuyang equipment utilizes filtration to ensure the efficient performance of cooling towers, make-up water systems, air conditioning systems, and DC systems. It helps to reduce any sediment buildup in heat exchangers, guaranteeing optimal cooling power.

The plastics industry:
Injection molding cooling circulating water filtration

Industrial circulating water filtration equipment:
Perfect for applications requiring a specific standard of water quality, like cooling towers, rolling mills, continuous casting machines, polishing machines, water pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, sprayers, and heat exchangers. They are also great for water supply and drainage pipelines. The filter removes harmful particles from the water, thus preventing buildup and blockage of piping, nozzles, and other components.

Papermaking industry:
Papermaking process produces a type of wastewater known as "white water", a byproduct of the beating, purification, and screening of pulp and paper machine wet end operations. Suspended solids, fiber, filler, coatings, dissolved wood components, wet strength agents, preservatives, and more are considered the primary pollutants in this water. To help address the issue, Xuyang offers the appropriate equipment for the treatment of white water.

We offer the perfect irrigation solution for a variety of settings, from agricultural fields to parks and golf courses. Through our sprinkler systems and other high-flow, high-impurity water sources, we provide the necessary equipment to suit your needs and keep your landscapes beautiful and healthy.

Public waters purification:
This process involves reducing turbidity, eliminating algae, and removing phosphorus from public waters including rivers, lakes, and streams.