About Xu Yang

Xuyang is an expert manufacturer of industrial water filtration systems with verified expertise in wastewater treatment. The founder, Mr. Shen, has over 25 years of experience in the engineer and production of water treatment systems.

With the environment becoming increasingly polluted, we have seen a swiftly rising demand for efficient sewage treatment. Despite this, there are still apprehensions surrounding unbalanced development in the water treatment field and secondary water pollution following wastewater treatment. In a bid to strive, and assist the cause of water purification, Xuyang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was born out of an ardent passion to aid this mission.


Founder: Mr. Shen

Xuyang is a science and technology enterprise located in the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province, famously known for its dedication to environmental protection. Xuyang encompasses a range of services from scientific research and development, to the manufacture and sale of water treatment equipment. Its specialty products such as the self-cleaning screen filter, disc filter, cloth filter and the high-pressure belt filter press dehydrator hold independent patent certificates, displayed as reminders of our advanced technological developments.

Our products have been making a significant contribution to the fluid filtration and fluid control industrial, benefiting agricultural and public water treatment. Whatever the need, from seawater solutions to household sewage treatment and petroleum industry water treatment, we cover it all.

Xuyang's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the excellent quality of our products, competitive prices and superior service. Our professional after-sales service and continuous efforts to streamline our workflow also demonstrate our commitment. As a result, our customer base has grown into a strong and long-lasting partnership, providing customers with an unparalleled water treatment support system. Through the integration of resources and a dedication to achieving maximum customer satisfaction, Xuyang continues to set the standard for excellence.

Xuyang is dedicated to expanding the range and quality of our products and services, staying up to date with innovative technology, and actively participating in both domestic and international markets. Through these efforts, Xuyang looks forward to engaging partners from all industries for fostering a long-term and prosperous relationship.

Services we provide

· The customer will be provided with a user manual for every type of equipment, containing detailed instructions on how to install, use and maintain theirr machinery on a daily basis. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us online, and we will get back promptly to make sure the machine works correctly.

· For any special requests or issues, we can address them through online communication so your water purification process runs smoothly. This way, our customers can be assured that everything is in perfect condition.

· As soon as our equipment is purchased, we offer tailored sets of replacement parts and wearing parts for our customers upon request. If there is anything else specifically needed to ensure the customer's production efficiency, please inform us ahead of time so that they can be prepared and maintained.