Within the turbulent waters of metallurgy, oil and magnetic particles are common pollutants. Usually, a three-step process known as gravity sedimentation, advection sedimentation, and filtration is employed to combat this problem, y..

Water in the coal mining industry holds qualities of both groundwater and surface water, along with the character of sewage and wastewater. As of now, conventional water treatment technology can fulfil varying water quality needs, though it often comes at ..

Water pollution is an ever-growing problem, making purification and filtration of rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, wells and groundwater a necessity. By doing this, potentially harmful substances including bacteria, algae, sand, and organic matter can ..

Oilfield sewage is notoriously difficult to treat due to its high oil content and viscous physical state. What's more, the presence of silica and other materials further increase the wastewater's hardness. After production, the sewage can start to accumulate, resu..

Xuyang's cutting-edge water purification technology ensures the government's projects can meet their desired standards. With specialized tools, we can offer primary enhanced treatment of municipal sewage, upgrading of sewage treatment plants, deep deph..

Xuyang has found a creative solution for when water shortages occur in critical situations: developing mobile and conveniently transportable emergency water purification equipment. This lightweight, compact system provides continuous treatment on-site, mak..

Seawater desalination is often seen as an energy-intensive process that can have a negative effect on human health. To help address these issues, Xuyang has a selection of equipment available for desalination pretreatment filtration and mariculture filtration,..

Leachate from landfills is recognizable by its putrid odor and its dark brown or black hue. It is an amalgamation of pollutants, organic matter, inorganic salts, metal ions, and bio-toxins. In addition, humic substances and humic acids composed of large molecules,..

We offer the perfect irrigation solution for a variety of settings, from agricultural fields to parks and golf courses. Through our sprinkler systems and other high-flow, high-impurity water sources, we provideWe offer the perfect irrigation soluti..