Application of laminated filtration system

  • 2023-07-29

Filtering of circulating cooling water

Cooling water for air-conditioning cooling water equipment and instrument cooling water products, preventing blockage and pollution of heat exchangers, pipes, nozzles, and products, ensuring heat exchange efficiency, saving water and energy, and improving the concentration ratio of cooling water.

The cooling circulating water in all industries

Nozzle, heat exchanger water filtration
Cleaning, flushing water reuse, papermaking water reuse, process water reuse, storage tank cleaning
Remove impurities in water, protect equipment, pipes, nozzles, products, etc
Metallurgy, automobile, mining, papermaking, food and beverage, machinery, textile, etc

Application of the softened water system
Protection ion exchange resin, downstream resin capture
Removing various impurities in water effectively protects the resin, prolongs regeneration time, and saves backwash water and costs
Boiler water treatment Water softening and deionization treatment

Filtering of sea water
Seawater desalination prefiltration Seawater aquaculture Seawater cooling circulating water
Remove impurities and live seawater microorganisms, and the all-plastic system is corrosion resistant
Seawater fresh water, mariculture, seawater cooling circulating water

Waste water filtration
Direct filtration of wastewater Discharge before biological treatment Filtration before reuse of reclaimed water Filtration before reuse
Reduce particulate BOD and COD in water, reduce impurities and organic organisms (bacteria, algae, parasites) in water

Filtration of water for general purposes
Total incoming spray water, cleaning water, process water, drinking water
Remove impurities from water to meet application requirements, protect equipment, pipes, nozzles, products, etc
Food and beverage, paper making, textile, chemical industry, mining, electronics, casting, etc

Pretreatment of otherwater treatment systems
Water treatment industry protective media filter, filter bag, filter element
Remove impurities in water, extend backwash and regeneration time and service life of the protected water treatment unit, and save backwash water and replacement costs

Water treatment industry

Recycled water filtration
Cleaning, reuse of rinse water, reuse of paper making water, reuse of process water, and cleaning of water storage tanks
Remove impurities from the water to meet the application requirements, and protect the equipment
Preparation of food and beverage, medicine, automobile, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc

Characteristics of laminated filter
Accurate filtration
Filter discs with different accuracy can be selected according to water requirements, with various specifications such as 50 microns, 100 microns, 200 microns, and 400 microns, with a filter ratio greater than 85%.
Thorough and highly-efficientbackwashing
Due to the fact that the filter pores are fully opened during backwashing, coupled with the centrifugal injection effect, the cleaning effect that other filters cannot achieve is achieved. The backwashing process for each filter unit can be completed in only 10 to 30 seconds.
Fully-automatic operation and continuous water-outflow
Time and pressure difference control backwash start. In the filter system, backwashing is performed sequentially between each filter unit and workstation. Automatic switching between working and backwashing states ensures continuous water discharge, low system pressure loss, and no deterioration in filtration and backwashing effects due to usage time.
Modularized desig
Users can choose between the number of filter units in parallel as needed, which is flexible and highly interchangeable. Flexible use of on-site corner space allows for small installation footprint based on local conditions.
Simple maintenance
There is almost no need for routine maintenance, inspection, or special tools, and there are few removable components.