Advantages of Cloth Media Disc Filter over Conventional Sand Filtration Tank

  • 2023-07-28

Advantages of Cloth Media Disc Filter over Conventional Sand Filtration Tank

  • Dependable and constant quality of the discharge

    The cloth media disc filter utilizes a rotating filter disc covered with stainless steel woven filter cloth, as opposed to traditional filters which utilize sand. The filter cloth's small diameter apertures ensure that the effluent is of high quality and consistent.
  • Simple and compact filtering system that requires minimal investment, with few extra components.

    This advanced cloth media disc filter features a continuous filtration process during cleaning. It utilizes a high pressure, small-flow pump to drive filtered water, eliminating the need for a backwash water tank, removing the necessity of a water tower and reducing the several traditional filters formerly required.
  • The usage rate of equipment is highly efficient, resulting in a minimal amount of total installed power.

    This filter cloth is incredibly easy to clean and maintain due to its thinness. Cleaning is incredibly efficient as only 1% of the total filter disc area is needed, thus reducing usage of water substantially.
  • The operation of the system is completely automated, making it both easy and hassle-free to use.

    Using advanced computer control, the filtration process is easier to manage. The cycle and duration of the cleaning process and sludge removal can be fine-tuned with precise accuracy. There is virtually no need for extra maintenance and administration. As the mechanical parts of the filter cloth revolving disc micrometer are few, the pump and motor are utilized intermittently, thus reducing the strain on the filter cloth.
  • Significantly lower head loss than sand filters

    The rotary disc filter equipped with filter cloth typically has a head loss of 0.2 m, while the energy draining sand filter requires a greater head loss of 1.5 m. This leads to greater operational cost due to its greater power consumption.
  • Smaller floor area

    The smart design of the vertical hollow tube filter disc requires a much smaller area than other options, which in turn reduces the need for capacity, material, and earthwork. Consequently, the overall construction cost is drastically lowered.
  • Easy to install

    Once the fittings and electrical devices are connected, the filter is ready to be activated and utilized. Meanwhile, granular filters usually necessitate the addition of filter material to be installed.
  • Short design and construction time

    The filter cloth rotary disc filter is designed to be a integrated unit, enabling fast and simple installation. Its flexibility lends itself to easy expansion.
  • Low ground endurance requirements and minimal cost.

    This cloth media disc filter solution is perfect for upgrading old sewage treatment plants and increasing the level of effluent from B to A.
    The disc filter is composed of several filter discs installed on the same inlet central cylinder. The filter medium is precision-fabricated stainless steel cloth. Not only does this stainless steel feature a long service life but also provides reliable accuracy in filtering.